Incorporation of national universities in Japan in 2004 has spurred commercialization of university-based research and promoted innovation creation of university spin-offs. However, there is still a gap to be filled between industry and academia. Innovation creation through industry-academia collaboration reaches only the halfway point at this time due to lack of funds and managerial resources needed to the growth of business ventures.

We, Academic Industry Research Inc. (AIR), achieve innovation by entrepreneurial mindset, with product companies, venture capitalists, accelerators, etc., and based on knowledge and skills that have been honed within AIR over a period of time. AIR, based in the Kansai metropolitan area, spawned by a variety of different public, private, and voluntary organizations, contributes as a private organization to the development of regional innovation ecosystem.


Business overview

Creating and managing Academia- Industry collaboration projects

We undertake industry-academia collaboration projects. Through conducting feasibility study, conducting business matchmaking, and coordinating and managing services, we are responsible for all of the tasks that may arise in the project to close the gap between industry and academia.

  • Conducting industry-academia collaboration project management(Support for applications for competitive funding, joint research and technology transfer, and Grant-in-Aid applications)

  • Dispatching professional coordinators to university-based research projects
  • Teaching and training for industry-academia collaboration projects; Training through internship opportunities
  • Support for financing using crowdfunding


We establish a business venture for university-based research findings to spur the commercialization of the academic seeds. We work with researchers and scientists to build a business plan, build a workforce, and raise capital in order to support the business from the seed to the second stage.

フラスコアイコンTechnology seeds

For seed-stage companies

We provide support to inventors or entrepreneurs to finance the early development of a new product or service. Our support can be directed toward developing and brushing up on a business plan, training entrepreneurial candidates, and building a workforce.

Kyoto-based entrepreneurship education programs
For early- to second-stage companies

We help early- to second-stage companies raise either start-up or second capital, building a workforce for product development, manufacturing, marketing, and management, and going global.

Regional economic drives and support business project

Business development of cell / microbe analysis system for next-generation drug discovery and medical care

Funding platform

We will provide a small investment impact investment platform to the research result utilization type venture.

Product development and consulting

We develop a prototype for academic basic research. We promote product development using manufacturing technology provided by regional medium-sized companies and advanced technology ventures. We also achieve product development based on scientific evidence; e.g., through the use of clinical-related data.

We provide skilled workers and technical know-how on successful implementation of industry-academia collaboration projects for new business development in public and private organizations, regional innovation, and technology development. A lot of time and energy should be spent on commercialization of university-based research. We discuss collaboratively how to use results of academic research, deal with intellectual property, proceed with commercialization, etc. We serve as a coordinator to come to grips with the difference in mission between academia, industry, and government.

Project name
Development of a new type of drain after rectal cancer surgery link
Project partners
National Cancer Center Hospital East, Muranaka Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.
Project name
Research on optical ultrasonic imaging ・ Product development link
Project partners
Graduate School of Medicine Kyoto University

major accomplishment

Universities and research institutes

Osaka University / Ehime University / Kyoto University / Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine / Yokohama City University / Otemon Gakuin University / Osaka Medical College / Toho University / Fujita Health University / National Hospital Organization Osaka National Hospital / National Institute of Public Health / National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition / Osaka Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology

Private organizations

AFI Corporation / Adipo Medical Technology Inc. / iLAND solutions, Co. Ltd. / KyoDiagnostics K.K. / Stem Cell & Device Laboratory, Inc. (SCAD) / Meis Technology Inc. / Physiologas Technologies Inc. / Photo Soni Life Technology Co.,Ltd.

Government agencies and public organizations

Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry:

  • Advanced support program for strategic basic technology
  • Exploring and supporting small- to medium-sized enterprises driving regional economies

Japan Science and Technology Agency:

  • Program to support collaborative industry-academia research and development based on the results of high-quality basic research

Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development:

  • Program to support collaborative industry-academia research and development based on the results of high-quality basic research

Kyoto City:

  • Supporting the development of Kyoto City life innovation promotion strategy
  • R&D grant project: Kyoto-based innovative medical technology

Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO:

  • Kyoto-based Entrepreneurship education program

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21:

  • Industry-academia collaboration project: Regional industry development

Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

  • Industrialization forum on next generation medical system



To create university-based business ventures, we adopt an EIR system and build collaborative teams to promote each project.


To promote industry-academia collaboration projects in universities, we adopt a CIR system and collaborate on the activities.

Company information

Business name Academic Industry Research Inc.
Established Year February 15, 2010
Representative Kensei Sumita
Officer Biography
Directors Yuji Nonagase
Yutaka Teranishi
Auditor Masashi Toeda
HQ (Headquarters) 17 Yoshida-Kami-Adachi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 606-8307, Japan
Paid-up capital JPY 39,650,000
Business information

Conducting research and development on industry-academia collaboration
Coordinating and managing services

Promoting related industries and regions
Management, financial accounting, and consulting services

Product development, System development, Manufacturing business and sales operations related to industry-academia-government collaboration

business permit number 労働者派遣事業 派26-300664
有料職業紹介事業 26-ユ-300550
Related companies Industry-academia collaboration partners LLC
Transportation Our headquarters is about 7 minutes’ walk from Demachi-Yanagi station in Keihan Main Line.

Biography of officers

Representative Kensei Sumita

After graduating from university, he worked as a project salesperson at a plant engineering company.
Since 2004, he has served as an industry-academia-government collaboration coordinator at NEDO, Osaka University, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the University of Tokyo. In addition, he has been engaged in the composition and management of venture / industry-academia collaboration projects from many universities.
He has been in his current position since 2010. He is also an industry-academia collaboration fellow at Kyoto University and a director of AFI Technology Co., Ltd.
Completed graduate school at Kobe University.

Director Yuji Nonagase

Assistant Professor, Cooperative Research Center, Saitama University
Professor, Faculty of Science, Yamagata University
Professor, Faculty of Economics, Setsunan University,

Director Yutaka Teranishi Ph.D.

After obtaining degree, he served as director of molecular medicine research institute at Mitsubishi Chemical Research Institute, Inc., and since 2002 he has engaged in industry-academia collaboration and technology transfer work at Kyoto University Medical Graduate School. Until now, he has served as Deputy Director of Industry-University Collaboration Promotion Organization, Deputy Director of the Medical Innovation Center, Professor of Intellectual Property Management School, etc. in the "Medical Field" of the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University. Current position from 2013. Completed the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University.

Auditor Masashi Toeda
Certified accountant/Tax accountant

Graduated from Kobe University of Commerce (currently Hyogo Prefectural University).
He started his business as a certified accountant in 1991 and registered as a tax accountant in 2001.
He has served as Vice Chairman of The Japan Certified Public Accountants Association Keijikai and a comprehensive external auditor of Kyoto Prefecture.